Friday, February 05, 2010

just came back yesterday from a friend's funeral, my god brother's eldest brother. was informed last saturday that he passed away. it's all too sudden, when I arrive at his house on sunday. the sadness, the crying brings back memories.

although I have not known him for long, he come across to me as a soft spoken and hard working person. and looking at how sad his wife and his siblings, how lovely his children are, the staff that see him off during the procession. he touched many peoples' life and have been a loving father.

he has done well in life, and lead a fulfilling life towards the end. another good man that has unfairly been taken away by god for reasons beyond our understanding.

I have not seen my god brother cry so hard before, this brother so dear to him. the end point is;

no matter what differences in a family, family are still a family.

when a person is gone nothing is important anymore.

don't take things for granted in life, spend this weekend with family members or loved one whom you have not visit in years. call them if you can't, arrange something.

if you have any regrets towards a person who is no longer around, turn it into positive thoughts and live better for the sake of that person and for yourself.

life is unpredictable, live a fulfilling life.

the leaving of this friend give me many signs and reminders again in life.

"walk well my friend, for you have done well in life. leave without worries for your family loves and will take care of your wife and children. your parents and siblings are strong and you will forever be in their memories."