Tuesday, March 14, 2006

shack... but happy!

finally went out with my new camera for photo shoot in the late afternoon today at shenton way for the competition that I have enter... hehe. anyway photo quality is so good that I never never have expected it just straight out of the camera to be that good.

went around the whole cbd for 3 hours of non stop action haha... and now I am having a backache which serious... I really don't know if it's whether I am old or am I just not used to getting back to my photographer's life before army lolx. but no matter... ewwwo hee just have to get used to it though cos after I ord I expect more to be coming... and I will overcome them wahahaha.

anyway turning in soon tomorrow going out for another shoot... will upload the photos soon you all photo freaks keke... =P oh yah my namecard will be out by tomorrow or wednesday. limited edition ah those never book one no more liao don't come and complain to me ah... keke no lah like to thank you guys for all the support that you all have been giving me, always anticipating my work, helping me find lobang, and wanting to pass my namecard to your friends. really want to thank all of you. -bow-