Monday, March 06, 2006

g chord... dd...c..... what the fuck argh.

been busy self studying for the past few days as my digital slr have finally arrive, had alot of fun playing with it. many functions have save steps that would be easier to enchance using computer softwares before. experimental shots for effects turn out great! but I still need a bit of time to get them right technically hehe.

been desigining my namecard as well yah can't start freelance without people knowing right. haven't been able to decide on which one, revamping my portfolio webby soon.

started to pick up guitar also with online tutorials... let's just say that I prefer the normal tutorial with a teacher lolx. seem like either my left hand got a serious nerve coordination problem or this hand is just seriously underuse haha. can't seem to control it to get the chords right. but this is one of my "regrets if I die now." list. I will master guitar haha.

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you saw that right it's my portfolio wahahaha!

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my dream slr right in my bedroom

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a close up of my 2nd son hehe... ain't he cute~ so still remember who is my first son guys and gals hehe???

alright now this is something lame, suddenly feel like listing them I will wake up my idea and do them, get them out of the list below. cos I hate regrets hee.

"regrets if I die now";
- never become a professional photographer
- never become a teacher/ lecturer "!@#$% don't ask me how but I will do it!"
- never master a muscial instrument
- never had a jamming session before
- never gone for class to learn singing
- never ride a class 2 bike
- never been on a track
- never had that demon tattoo on my back
- never drive a honda integra dc 5 before

you may think that this are all dreams that will come in life... attainable, but life is unpredictable and I am a person who is easily contented so there.