Monday, April 03, 2006

it's going to be over in a week's time

final 7 days to my ord, the end of my army days. where another batch of boys will turn man and protect the nation in my place at the frontline... though we do not have one but more of security in this sense.

though all the complains and injustice that I have suffered, which give me a conclusion that the whole affair is really boring and a waste of time. I would still choose the same path that I have choosen again if I have to. cos at times the thing I have done are stuffs that you will never imagine doing at a desk job that you might be doing once you are out of the army and maybe for the next 30years... a comfortable pay check job~ boring huh?

but I guess I am just not cut out to be a soldier even though I have the passion for it, so that sum it all up. I have done my part and now I am finally going to be out and I do feel the boy turn into man, which like I say it's because singapore is too peaceful and all the more this experience is hard to come by. but I have to say that I hate army as much as I like it.

been busy doing photoshoot for the competition and finally everything have been touched up and settle. and I have my first wedding journalistic assignment coming in july, and a rock concert assignment 2 weeks from now.

been quite sometime since I last update on dad's condition, well the chemo's not taking effect anymore and so now dad's on radiotherapy. so far he is taking it very well, and I am sure he will improve better as the specialist says that radio's effect takes place faster and more effective.