Monday, January 30, 2006

happy chinese new year!

don't be fool by the heading, I don't feel very much for chinese new year over these recent years. somehow the festive mood just got lesser and lesser.

the usual gathering at grandma house and I got to know that my cousin is earning a bloody 150k last year as a financial consultant. not that I am intertested in that line though but I just can't help thinking if I can earn that much or even half that much even if I were to start my soho or even worse slog my ass out working for someone.

but the positive side is, the economic isn't that bad as everyone is thinking so chill, pretty confident that I would land in a full time job of my choice when I ord which is yah so near in 2 months time. gonna spend the next 2 weeks consolidating all my freelance work and come out with my portfolio since I will be home most of the time looking after dad.

dad's condition worsen recently and is on tube feeding, cos the tumour spread again and affect the swallowing nerve. so he have to go back on chemo but on another drugs, which doesn't seem to have much side effects hopefully the drugs is effective.

I seriously need to think of my distribution of money again... cos I am always broke yes downright broke even with proper planning. but then again what can I do to improve when my allowance from saf is a measly $700 plus... fuck I feel so helpless god damn it. the situation is so bad that I have to think twice whether to celebrate my birthday this year with a karoke session of 6 persons, serious huh?

think I would just grab a birthday cake and celebrate with grass 4 at our favourite haunt lolx.