Monday, February 13, 2006

older by another year.

happy birthday to me! haha... yea had a wonderful saturday with grass 4, kelvin, yulee (think should be spell like this hehe), and regine as they celebrated a belated birthday for me cos everyone is working and I have to take care of dad.

had dinner over at nydc hereen before headed to party world for karaoke session at singtel building, been the first timer in organising karoke session as birthday celebration. I never thought that booking was nesscessary and we ended up waiting for an hour plus chilling out at coffeebean over at california fitness before getting a room~ sorry mates hehe =P

guess everyone enjoy so much that now as I am blogging, realize we never take any photos that day even though all of us got a camera phone... lolx.

the 2nd ink is finally over today after 7 sessions. will upload pictures soon.