Monday, January 02, 2006


first post of the year... well for me it's the usual unwillingness to forget the old year by writing date by putting 2005 lolx. this is definitely going to be a good year as every year end seem to have big disasters... sars, tusnami, bird flu what have you huh haha. this is definitely going to be a good year for me as this is my year, yea the year of the dog.

12 years ago I got my miracle of passing my maths in my psle which I have been failing since I was in primary 3.

haven't been doing much this few days, went around to hanz's house for a drinking session for new year celebration with kevin, samuel and john with another of his friend. john is a good drinker, haven't been knock out for a long time since the last "long island" incident lolx. knock out till new year and went to collect mum's watch at bugis as she has bought a watch for me and she got herself one too, the strap got a problem and I got to collect it today.

now for my new year resolution;
- land myself in a job in my area of interest
- keep the back of my hair long and dye my whole hair red after I ord
- get my class 2 license ... and hopefully my class 3

105 days to my Orion Romeo Delta =)

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raving for the new year at hanz's house =)

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a new friend known

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the 1st knockout contender keke

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my chivas!!!

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my new watch =)~~~