Sunday, December 25, 2005

silent night, holy night, merry merry christmas

merry christmas all! just got back from xmas bbq at a friend house. abit high now as we were playing "5-10" before the party end and I got a mixture of cherdon something similar to baileys, red wine, beer and vodka coming in shots as I am a lousy player keke.

head out in the morning to meet henry, one of my men from camp to play a new arcade game. nice and exciting, adaption from romance of three kingdoms, the character play cards have some very good artwork and I decide to start collecting the cards.

went around looking for the gift exchange after that for the bbq I just got back from, there's alot of people doing last minute shopping for presents like me. and I took quite a while to get the stuffs wrapped.

oh yea! wore my new urban male singlet to the bbq and everyone was shock lolx. amuse by the sling though. and I got a box of rocher for the gift exchange! the following photos will make you drool on your computer beware lolx!

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calling mr vain haha =P

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my rocher!!!

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my new found hobby.