Thursday, December 22, 2005


didn't know that my hell trip of ops duty did not turn out as bad as it is. recap of things I have done during the off of my ops. I shall let photos do the talking as I really don't know where to start off.

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hanz is back! my dear godbrother from his hometown for holiday, photo was taken before we went back to our raving ground at rush last saturday. the centre is hanz, left is zhengnan and right is samuel. writing this just in case... you know if I ever lose my memory I can at least remember someone from my blog lolx.

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finally after so long I have finally got my new urban male singlet as per plan for as my christmas outfit!

as request by chris will be removing his link cos he got some sort of tracker for his blog and alot of annoymous readers have been viewing his blog from mine lol. didn't realise that I got so many readers..."now guys and gals don't get all bitchy ah lolx..."