Monday, December 05, 2005

last enjoyment before hell... lolx

went on a mini shopping trip today and overall the retail therapy did lift my mood as usual, well guess it always work huh haha.

headed out in the morning to takashimaya as jun hua was wanting to get some comics at kinokuniya. drop at the youth park bustop and there happen to have flea market going on. got a pair of authentic converse shoes at $15 brand new! cause the owner bought the shoes without trying and ended up getting the wrong size so there =)

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christmas mood is everywhere in orchard, went past this display corner. reminds me when I was much younger dad always like to pose my brother and I at such spot for photos. and to be true I really wish that those days could be forever when things are all simple and true.

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went bugis after that as jun hua wanted to play arcade, lunch at bugis village and spotted this preppy shirt. as the 1st time I went to shop at bugis village without bargaining, this time I bargain and got a $3 discount off the shirt from $25-$22!!! haha and I am enjoying the bargaining, really wonder why last time I am always very paisei to bargain.

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after this enjoyment, from tuesday on I will be on ops. so don't miss me and those who need to find me and found that I am not picking up the phone, it's because my duty needs me to surrender my handphone before going on it. sms me instead.