Thursday, December 01, 2005


my nice movies season is here, have been hitting the cinema for the past 3 weeks. following are the movies that I watch so far and they are all inspiring to me;

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this is a movie that make superhero looks normal to me, cos of the human big headed behavior when we get some accomplishment and also the dream of protecting our loved ones with our own might. not to forget the reality that no one is too big or small in contributing, like the hero support if you watch the movie =)

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a movie similiar to jumanji set in a space game, talks about 2 brothers who always quarrel and fight (reminds me of me and my brother... lol) and how they overcome all odds and reconcile . letting me think of the relationship of me and my brother... trust me just for the moment.

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oh by the way found the tickets sub for the goblet of fire, it's not ticket sub to be exact but a receipt lol. cos we got the tickets off the axs machine, my first time lah suaku can hehe.

so this month movie lock on, chronicle of narnia. anyone?