Thursday, November 03, 2005


happy deepavali and hari raya all! lots of activities going on this week, monday went moxs to celebrate halloween. tuesday meet up with grass 4 and kelvin to watch movie zorro at plaza singapura, a funny movie to watch not too bad. and yesterday went rush with samuel and kevin till 4am.

my moves are getting better so much so that kevin says I have surpass hanz, which I don't think I have. hoping end of the year hanz can see this dumb disciple of him finally pick up his skill lol. and sam seem moody the whole night saying he is tired and nothing esle. hmm recent techno outing have seen him lost movtivation to dance liao. and he says that he needs to find it back. maybe when hanz comes back this dec, our techno days will finally be over.

recently alot happen, and as usual I just can't seem to be able to put them in words.

oh yah by the way anyone knows what happen to blogger? why is the command buttons in mandarin!? have they move the server to a chinese server or what???