Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am neither straight, bisexual nor gay. I am just slutty.

just finish 2 bowls of seaweed soup and 2 slices of gardenia fruit and nuts bread with cheese. the japanese rice set for dinner is true to what bin says, value for money but not to the stomach lol.

been out with bin to orchard, went around wisma, taka, paragon, cineleisure and herren. saw a few nice flip flops, singlets and tees at new urban male, like the tee and singlet with the slogan of this entry hehe. the belts at re and domanchi looks great too, been looking for a leather belt as my current one are dying.

dress rather formal I would say today as bin have been complaining that I have not been dressing in style to go out with him lol. not that I dress badly though, just that I choose a more casual approach to it rather then the preppy style. but the overall looks great, though I am not used to it at first.

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my new look

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bin and me

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my new retro sling bag

recently having a soft spot for taper jeans, especially those with checkered. looking forward to my payday so that I can get some of the stuffs.

below are my wishlist;
- levis spectacle
- taper jeans
- adidas retro watch