Friday, October 21, 2005

don't make me restort to this.

recently a close colleauge have been bad mouthing me in front and behind me, because I did not attend the recent overseas exercise due to dad's condition. now let me say what I have to say and if you are that unhappy come say straight in my face and stop all your indirect bad mouthing before I tear off your bloody mouth.

think that I won't dare? try me.

("my grandmother pass away, I also come back to camp." yea right, just because you are lucky that you this fucker happen to be at home and your grandma pass away. so that's the end of the story for you. my dad is still alive, and if you do not have the moral courage to fight for anything to mourn your grandmother. it just show how much love you have for her, and I want to stay by my dad's side when he is still alive. and the camp part, you were also just so god damn lucky that we wasn't going anywhere overseas. when you came back camp at that time, didn't you also kpkb!?

want to say about liability? fuck you understand, if the country have got civil unrest or war, yes country above self. but now that the country is safe and sound, and I have serve my nation with good record for the past 1 year plus. is it not fair for me to take care of my family now? my liability after ns is a good 10 years, I can always go for any exercise another day.)

to think I attended his grandmother funeral and we are on pretty good terms. I have not offend him in any way and in fact I have been giving way telling myself that he is just a junior. but enough is enough. if you are so unhappy with me, say it straight in my face and square it off with me. I do not like to use this sort of method to straighten things out, but if I have no other choice I will not hesitate to use it. and if there's anything I cannot take it lying down is someone bad mouthing me.