Saturday, September 03, 2005

hasn't got much things to blog laterly, just watch charlie and the chocolate factory with adrian yesterday. a nsf police friend who I know during the ndp helpout days, as we were in the barricade team together for the vetting of the performance. we hit off pretty well, nice and easy going fella.

and yah went for a major change of stuffs for baby repsol last saturday, and I keep forgetting to update it in the blog. change the throttle grips cause they had started to harden, had my carburettor washed and tuned as I have been feeling the lack of power recently, and the air filter was changed as it has already tear. and like bin says the bike feels like you just bought it the day before when you change major stuffs like that haha yea.

came home to realize that I have forget to bring the clutch cover to fit into the clutch lever again since I got them from ah boy's 2 engine oil change ago bah. gonna change some cosmetic stuffs like the balancer, saw a pair of carbon fibre . they look fantastic, will get them when I go change my chain and sprockets this saturday.

just came home from praying at bugis with mum, going down to clean and lube baby repsol's chain and sprocket later.

I have finally decide to get pgm4 by the end of next year as I don't think I can maintain the instalments and insurance of a class 2 bike for the time being as then I wouldn't have come out to work even for a year. but I am dying to have a change of bike especially pgm 4 is my ultimate dream bike even if I don't ride anymore after pgm 4 seriously I don't think I really mind.