Sunday, September 18, 2005

straighten out thoughts

finally a major overhaul of my blog, the previous skin have receive alot of disagreement among my readers. so now I have change another blogskin, and after figuring a few friend's music source I have finally manage to get mine up and running.

meet up with adrian yesterday again for dinner at suntec and he suggest to go east coast to chill out, had a heart felt talk with him. haven't been talking to people like that for a very long time. and finally straighten out some stuffs in life now that I am confuse with.

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meet up with bin for supper after that and we went 7-11 to get a drink, bin was telling me to buy this rubber band for the recent tsunami in the states. as it was for a good cause and the make is not bad, I got 1 to wear.

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going to bugis with jimmy and ah wee to walk around as I was thinking of getting a pair of earrings.

"some things just weren't meant to be but happen in a moment of folly."