Sunday, August 28, 2005

well after watching "the maid" just now with samuel together, and putting all the recent horror movies that I have watched. this is what I realize; basically all story plot for horror movies are all exhausted so you can forseen them all. therefore they retort to sudden appearance of the being in the most unlikely situation. which I feel is sort of like a cheap thrill lolx. but attain the desire effect nontheless.

haiz so fast 1 week ndp leave just fly pass like that... recalling back this 1 week, the amount of people I have seen and know are like the amount of people that I would know for a year. abit too fast for my liking but nonetheless find some soul friends which I found too diffcult to find after secondary school days. people who knows and accepts you for who you really are.

tuesday going to tekong for river crossing the most boring and messy stuffs an infantry soldier would have to do.