Saturday, July 09, 2005

went with dad and stepmum to sgh yesterday to confirm dad's stage of the sickness. 3 of us were joking around as usual till the number flashes dad's turn to see the speciailist. all of us were solemn and serious all of the sudden, it's the worst feeling that I feel ever, like the end of the world. but all of us were prepare mentally especially dad.

we were prepare for the worst, anticipating the specialist to say the usual drama "worse case scenario" phrase. stepmum broke down after hearing the diagnostic looks positive, and I manage not to break down. "have to be strong I told myself so that dad would not have one more person to worry. the specialist said that it's in the early stage, surivial rate is almost 80%-90% have faith, everything will go fine. I was surprize to hear "faith" from a specialist who is suppose to be all analytic and logical.

throughout the session with the specialist, dad was all calm and relax, with stepmum been a crying lady and me looking like a lost soul. making me feel as though either my stepmum or me were the one with the condition lolx.

nearly wanted to jump and cry for joy after leaving the office cos I am just so happy that dad is curable. call mum to inform her dad's condition, though they are no longer together. mum and dad always care about each other but both of them just refuse to admit.

just went through the net looking for detail information about dad's condition, and through few websites dad's cancer can be differentiate by 4 stages with 2-3 sub stages. dad's current in stage 2b, early stage of the cancer true to what the specialist says, having a 80%-90% of surivial.

well at least everyone hearts' at ease and able to go work in peace, will accompany dad to his first treatment appointment on wednesday.

"thanx god for everything."