Wednesday, July 13, 2005

just got home from visiting a chinese physician from balestier with dad and stepmum. in the morning we went to sgh for dad's first radiotherapy appointment. the specialist went through the details of dad's condition, and it's alot grimer then we thought from the symptoms explained to us. but though dad's in the late stage, the nasopharyngeal cancer is highly curable with a survival of 50% even at this point of time. and the specialist inform us that the diagnostic looks positive as dad has always been strong and active.

the specialist have been extraordinary encouraging, going through with us the details on radiothearpy, the type of scans and blood tests that dad have to go through. the chemotherapy would start together with radiotherapy in 4 weeks time. so in the mean time dad is ok to do anything.

went over to visit a chinese physician to get some medicine for dad to improve on his general well-being so that he can be physically prepared for the therapy sessions to come along. it's tedious and exhausting, 5 days a week radiotherapy and 1 day of chemotherapylasting 8 hours. and the side effect would be dad infection of his throat resulting in him not able to eat proper food and lost of taste.

but as both the specialist and chinese physician are very positive that dad can fully recover, my heart is pretty much at ease. it's just that he will be weaker when the therapy starts and we have to take good care of him. due to the chemotherapy side effects which yesterday I met up with grass 4 to talk about it.

they were asking me to opt for a 8-5pm flexi position in the service, and if my oc isn't helpful. it would be the best to go to co for advice, and that it cannot be wait. I will talk to oc again as I have talk to him before and he did not give me a definite answer, but looking at dad's condition. I think with all the appointments and therapy session, I would need a definite answer. but the reason why am I not wanting to leave my company now... it's because I have got a bunch of good men under me and all my understanding colleges and buddies. I just can't bear to leave them. and now that there's work at least it can take me off my dad's sickness, rather then sitting down and doing nothing then I would anyhow think. but then again I need the flexibility to be available for my dad as I do not wish to tired out my stepmum.

but anyway all would be settle when I talk to my oc this thursday or friday, at least I would know how to plan my next advancement.