Thursday, July 07, 2005

”dad have been diagnose with the worse.”

dad have been going around without us knowing to others clinics to seek treatment and confirm his diagnose with the first clinic, yesterday he had breathing difficulties and have to be admitted. that’s when the doctor told him to prepare for the worse.

He came home somehow before I book out today, and I took off to accompany him to the original appointment tomorrow, well in the end the whole company got off nonetheless. Just to come home to this news. Dad was strong and lively, taking it in his stride. We had a heartfelt chat together with my step mum. Step mum was crying badly, so was I. throughout the chat dad was strong and no sign that show that he has gotten so bad like yesterday.

Anyway tomorrow appointment at sgh is still on, as we have to determine dad’s detail diagnostic results. And dad was insisting that I don’t go, and I know that it’s due to my emotional character.

We all agree to spend more time together, as our family members are all too independent. It’s in our blood, but so strong our bond is that we. though did not communicate much did not drift apart or have any overnight grudge over the years. But as we grow up, my brother and me were too busy with our social life that we spend less time with my dad together. and I really regret that I did not spend more time with my dad.

My dad is the best single father in the world and a fantastic man, a person who doesn’t indulge in any bad habits. And when mum left us, he sacrifices his lunch break to buy lunch back for us, and straight home to get us dinner everyday. Without complain and never have he says things or thinks that we are a burden to him. He even bought us whatever he can afford with his average salary. And spend all his weekend time playing with us, I still remember the days where we used to go movies and swim together. and the time spend together going around eating nice food. In the current days, even a complete family father might not even be on par with him. Everything he does is just for us, the 2 kids and the house.

And trust me I want to be just like my father when I become dad =)

”well done you have did it to me again. Come on, tell me what I have to do now to let my father stay by my side. You know you have defeated me this time again. You have defeated me once and I have pick up when you make mum left us. So just tell me what to do.”