Saturday, July 30, 2005

one of the rare day where I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart hehe. actually nothing much happen, but I came by a new found friend who is very pure hearted and out going. a person who I can share my hobby and passion with.

meet up with raymond my dear old classmate cum buddy in nafa days yesterday over kopi to find out that he had a sudden interest in thai amulets collection. and we went all over chinatown this afternoon to look at the amulets, thinking of the good old days where I used to be the newbie going around with my kakis. all the shops still looks the same but the people going is not the same... time flies. anyway raymond hit upon 1 by acharn kasem's khun paen, which is not my forte. but the work of the amulet and material is so perfect and nice that I also fall for it too. so if raymond is not taking that I am taking it haha.

came home around 8 and chat with mum on phone, she is recovering well from her operation. and she told me that grandma and my eldest uncle's wife called to chat with her. well I am happy that mum and dad have finally talk to each other now that they are friends again from the bottom of their heart, why must something big happens before everyone gets together heart to heart and put aside all their disputes?

which come to a point, like what buddha's teaching comes in. when life comes to an end, you look back and realise everything is nothing but passing mist. how true it is not to take things too hard, to hate. tired things to do which I hate so much.