Thursday, July 28, 2005

on duty today, and the whole company is out to marina south for the national day rehearsal. leaving the whole company line to me hehe, I love the serenity and peaceful environment.

as I reflect... yes I have been spending too much, so next month got to save more lolx. and when my marksman and double pay comes on september, I must save them up bah. what to do... going to ord in 9 months time "sia lah so fast... yah loh so fast one mah." though I have gone back to my previous employer to seek out whether there's any chance of going back there. and they welcome me to join them back anytime, but I still believe this time it's better to have some $$$ by my side, even though I always say "$$$ is to earn and spend, and earn back and spend..." blah blah blah and it goes on. cos I believe you live today not knowing tomorrow, so if you don't live happy today, you will regret you live this life time.

which comes to this point... next month shopping list haha, you know nowadays I can't really get by without planning what to buy for the next month when I am in this month. the feeling of getting your pay and rush straight down to get the stuffs you want, simply shiok. now this time yes I mean it hee this time, I am going to finish up my tattoo. then there's the adidas white retro watch, levi's 525 square cut jean "pss... I wear size 29, like whiskers on my jean and yah I don't like fade or light color ones, get it?", and I am seriously in need of a leather shoes... will post the picture later when I find it to suit my current dressing style.

now coming to dad's situation, so far this tuesday sees all the appointments for pre therapy coming to an end. the results of all these tests will come out next tuesday, which reminds me that I have to change my dental appointment after I blog cos its on the same day as the test results. anyway dad's been telling us not to worry about the money issue and stuffs, which he has planned and give us an insight. giving us an assurance that everything is in more than sufficient. coming to a point that I realise even if I want to worry... I simply can't do much cos my body and soul is still been bond to the devil for at least another 9 months lolx. so why not enjoy myself and live strong to show my dad encourgement and support.