Monday, August 01, 2005

"life comes and go at an instant... you live today and not knowing what will happen to you tomorrow."

last saturday good friend of mine got into an accident and his girlfriend who was the pillion pass away. but he was not injure, making me realise that life is fragile and unexpected. as to how it happen I haven't got any information as yet. would be keeping him company tomorrow with grass 4 they all after going with dad to get his scan results. well this is the least buddies can do for him.

on duty again yes again, cos I have been plan to do orderly duty on alternate days with another colleuge in camp. which is not too bad as I don't have to burn in the sun like the others at the ndp nor endure several sleepless night.

going to collect results of dad's detail scans tomorrow, hopefully everything will turn out fine. this year is a trouble year as usual since 2000, the pattern of something big happening in the begining or at the end of the year is common. be it tsunami, sars etc "well yea maybe I think too much." around the world, and this time up close and personal to the people in my life.

maybe the end of the world is really coming?