Saturday, July 02, 2005

"I am breaking down anytime."

alot of things happen laterly at home, with mum's side of the family having financial problems. do not wish to go into what happen, and just wednesday dad's right side of the neck is swollen. and yesterday he told me that the doctor found something in his nose that cause the swollen at the neck. he has an appointment on saturday at sgh. so we will have to wait for the detail result from the specialist.

though it's just 2 problems, but it's just too big for me to handle seriously. just when I thought I could take everything. but now I just feel that I might just break down anytime. feel like going to a quiet place to take a break and put all these problems aside.

maybe god just want all this to happen, so that I can spend more time at home with my parents. I have to admit that since I enlisted, I have not being spending much time with my parent. why is it that human always have to wait for something serious to happen to realize that they have neglected the people around them? "god I beg of you, don't let anything happen to my dad."

"pa and ma I love you."