Sunday, June 05, 2005

went orchard yesterday with bin, 1 of the rare time where both of us ride there. surprizingly either we are really early or the erp gantry haven't start. went around the whole of orchard... well nearly we skip the usual far east though cos bin says there really isn't anything that we would be getting there.

went topman, tangs, g2000, otherside, spotted quite abit of things to buy. maybe it's the charm of the great singapore sales. somehow this is the first time that I went shopping during sales season, wasn't as bad as I thought. and in fact my mood was lifted considerably due to the the fact that I have been staying at home for the past week because of my fever.

since payday is next friday, I couldn't really do much. in the end I only got a pink cleavage t-shirt from topman, which I think jh have got 1 exactly the same. other things that I spotted, plunto blanco's boxer brief and t-shirt. each sold seperately but they are a set, very cool. spotted another 2 tees at topshop, a stripe shirt from g2000, so there quite abeit of things yea. oh yah saw some nice jewellerys from lee hwa and mio -drool- the ring and chain looks very nice.

also saw a nice blazer from the otherside, $130 which I think is price reasonably. and also I am dying to get the new levis square cut 522 jeans. hmm will get either 1 when the july pay comes hehe. I am going crazy so many things ...

ok plan coming up for next weekend, friday going rush with hanz. dear hanz coming back on wednesday. god please let him stay lolx. then sat morning, go fix baby repsol's speedometer cable, change engnine oil and spark plug. afternoon think will jio bin go shopping cos patrick and willy is working, then tony is no patrick then no shopping one haha. then think sunday will go out with mummy or stay at home rest.

"so many things to buy yet so little $$$ haiz"