Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I feel lonely out of a sudden... like I am just by myself. I keep having this feeling whenever my parents goes overseas. or when I have really nothing to do and nowhere to go. not that I do not have alot of friends. but sometimes when I want to find people to hang out, I just can't find anyone at times.

as time goes by and everyone grows up, we have our comittment and carrer to be busy with. and it's because maybe I am still serving my national service, where the time I am free is not the usual time the normal working personals are. so this feeling might just go away after I start work back in the society.

but then again I got this gut feeling also that I have not been able to find a friend that shares common interest with for a very long time. maybe it's my character childish and naive at times, but yet I seriously do not wish to change my character to suit the world, cos the people should accept me for who I am right lolx. and yes it could just be because I am growing out of the things I am doing and I simply... well refuse to grow up, just like an old baby.

and yes like I have said before these are times whereby I seriously need someone to cuddle and spend time with. yes a girlfriend it is, but hey it's just to selfish to have a girlfiend just for that reason. and when I always have so much comittments myself, these are times I tell myself to take a breather and slow down in life.

looks like I shouldn't slow my life down at all. and all I want is someone to chat with, to go exibitions with, ride around on my bike, take a few photos, catch a movie or two. yes I have to admit that I am lonely sad haha.