Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"it's time look PHYSICALLY better."

been doing sports for this week till now, started training since 2 weeks ago with swimming twice a week, jog once and now start going gym. swimming hard and trying to tan myself cos I am really too fair liao lolx. been forgetting my tanning lotion, all thanx to kh who is willing to share his with me. I wonder what got into me, twice this week I have been home and yet I still forget wad sia haha. my memory lapse have been getting worse since I enter army... worse now.

now the memory lapse... I have this feeling that maybe I am just not cut out to lead, I see myself being better at supporting roles or follower. and whatever it is the memory lapse symptom seem to be the hint. but I just simply refuse to take it lying down, as usual all thanx to my ego and pride that I expect of myself. and the results? endless suffering that I hate and yet enjoy cos I am against something that wants me to fall. my favourite enemy fate, that always cannot seem to see me get happy.

anyway think I will start on myoplex after lancer in sep, seriously need the mass. when ops bacinet start and I have some cash and time at hand again. for now I seriously need to save up. not that I am not happy with my physique now, abit more mass would be better.

since I am getting all healthy healthy lifestyle you know, think it's time to cut down on ciggy intake and eventually quit it and also to cut down on drinking, not that I drink alot but clubbing often means drinking often... well it's adds up lah.

now for some activities done this week, went with kh to queensway shopping centre on tuesday to see the artist impression of the plug that we specialists are doing for ex oc cpt lim. after that we went looking around for a nice or at least decent pink t-shirt or polo tee, but just can't seem to find it knn. been trying for weeks to find but just can't seem to find leh. don't ask me why, this season I am into pink. then this kh ah, di siao siao everytime we pass the toiletries shop, he would take a can of veet wax and show me, hinting me as he have for the past few days to get my legs waxed haha irritating.

so with that now it's time for me to makan my nasi goreng ikan bilis, my favourite fried rice as I am hungry from all the gym workout earlier.