Sunday, June 19, 2005

I have decided not to write about what and where have I been going and doing, besides settling some family crisis. to avoid further misunderstanding, cos some buddies have been saying that they have not been able to get me to go out with them. understand that they are not happy. believe me that I am one that say something and its something. I do not wish to explain further, not "yue mian yue hei ah"

a friend of mine wanted to give up a gal that he like alot for who I shall not name, got drunk over her during the week. all I told him was this "you make your friends and people that cares for you suffer just for a gal that cannot give you a definite answer. IS IT WORTH IT?" seriously I am really tired and afraid yah I admit, cos of things that happen to me and also seeing friends around me suffer. so I have decided to live my life as it is by myself for now, enjoying it and loving it. I wonder why do we always care and protect someone we love, and in the end they come around and hurt us. for them we never think of ourself, now is it fair to us? not that I meant this in a selfish way. but maybe its time to take a step back and start to love ourself.

enough said think sometimes I really think and write too much lolx. anyway wanting to watch 2 movies over week, initial d and batman begins. so anyone want to watch with me? please inform me in advance okay, don't make me feel guilty lah, why you all so bad one lolx? but sad to say I have got orderly duty on friday so saturday would be a nice time to meet.