Friday, May 27, 2005

"nobody notice what I do, till I don't do it"
how true is this phrase man. well I have been down with fever for the past 3 days, been maintaining a feverish record of 38.5 till now. wondering what's next... anyway don't know what am I writing also.

so I woke up this morning to a sms that says that I have to be back in the office because there's a standby tomorrow. damn it why are the organisation so fuck up and ineffective!? does it really matter a minority of geniune sick personals not to report back, are they so hard up that they need sick personals to fight the war? anyway I have enough of crap from them and since I am really sick, and this standby isn't for any real act. they can get me to do it any other time when I am well. the best part of all these crap is that we go back and standby... waited for the whole damn day just for that 5 minutes of inspection by the higher authority.

you might say that they went for meeting or orders before hand and tha's why we have to wait for them to be back... hello then how do you explain that they wear civilian clothes, taking their own sweet time to change up before coming for the inspection. I am getting more and more disappointed with the organisation, the only thing that I have now to keep me going is my idoitic ego and pride. yes I help the company to attain the mission profile during and ops exercise, ended up with a back sprain, and now down with fever.

I would expect my immediate superior would start to pass stupid remarks like chao keng skive your way thru even though you do your best in critical time to help the organisation. but once you are down, they label you as a skiver, now is that fair!? seriously I would just do my bare minimium best, and not to put my health at risk again as there's no satifaction in this job not to say pride.

not that the organisation is that bad overall but this point seriously irks the shit out of majority of people, and yet they are not realiziing it how ironic.