Saturday, May 21, 2005

all outfields have finally come to a halt till september after our battlion prof test. great no more outfield, getting all dirty, tired and fuck up, just as I thought that I am out of stress comes another stress, mental stress in camp. which makes me feel whether going outfield wasn't such a bad idea after all.

a superior of mine loves cleaning so much that we can be doing area and weapon cleaning everyday for the whole day. the cleaning ordeal have come to a stage that if he is not here for even 1 fucking day, you would see everyone faces wearing a smile. so there.

anyway update on recent happening, baby repsol speedometer cable snap. not that it's a big problem, only that I wouldn't know what speed I am travelling, but with the rpm telling me the valve opening it's ok without the speedo.

finally found the compilation vcd of initial d fourth stage, bought them at a steal at marina square giant supermarket at $16.90.

going with kevin to mos later yea.