Monday, May 02, 2005

fuck the blog uploader programs, can't figure shit out of it. since friday I have been trying to figure out how to use it. even sign up for a new program the flickr but still... lolx think I am really a pc idiot.

but still for those who are interested in the transition entry... go to // and look under the "down the memory lane" and for the narcissi me just go to erm you all will see the narcissi part 1 & 2 album there haha. the changes are there and also... easier to upload.

will be staying at home most of the time for this month cos I am juz so broke. with the 1206 that I have sign and the serious need to save $$$. I must and will stay at home. so guys if you ask me out for some cost expenses outing, you know why I can't make it yea. hopefully by june, I would be $$$ stable again hee.

been keeping hanz company last weekend as he is going back next wednesday, can't see him off cos I would be in my battalion prof test. and it's not another 6 weeks at least before he is back to singapore. but then again he just might not come back anymore. "bro you promise me that you will come back and we will rave the dance floor and the camera lens again!"