Thursday, April 28, 2005

hee haven't been so light hearted for some time, even though I have just came back from an exercise. I am suddenly in so good a mood that even I have nothing to write about... wait not that I have nothing to blog about but it would definitely be better with photos rather than with words.

wasnt bloggin much laterly... because there's alot of exercise at work back to back. and I am also afraid that any further depressing and violent incline blog entries will send my readers scare off lolx. "yes yes I hear you all hehe, I assure you all that I am not into any sort of depression, I have been through worse."

anyway a preview of my blog highlight by the end of this week... or next cos after my passing out parade from sispec. I have not use blogger's photo upload, cos its simply too complicated or am I just plain dumb, but how about the albums that I have uploaded into multiply? anyway I need the recap to post further photo blog entries form now on.

cos... yes I have finally harden my heart to dump a month's salary to buy my dream phone, the nokia 7610 hee. been goin around taking photos of my day to day life, and it suddenly struck me that I would want to post a photo of myself 2 years ago and now. between someone who care for others and the narcissi me now.

never know how good it feels to make yourself look good, dress good and pampering yourself can be even more happy than pampering others. no not that I have become more selfish or whatsoever, but for almost 20 years of my life, I have either been too slack to bother about anything in life or busy giving my heart to someone.

only this 2 years have I start to pay attention to myself, and today I dare say that I am a narcissi cos I have no thoughts of giving my heart to anyone else but myself. and I am on my way to become a metrosexual, which due to my measly salary as an nsf can't afford certain things to consider myself there yet. all thanx to bin, who guide me ever so painstakingly cos I can be so stubborn sometimes, that I have become who I am now.

certain details of the transition can be so gay that I think it's better not to blog down lolx, but if you all need to know... one of them is eyebrow triming =P

so guys stay tuned for "the geek to narcissi transition" entry coming soon.