Tuesday, May 03, 2005

been wanting to write these quite sometime back, though it may sound common. with the blog entries that I have written for the past 24 months, and yes 2 years worth of writing. if I would to write down the road, I would have a auto biography.

reading back all the entries, I have see change from the way I used to write, and also sees in these transition. my change of attitute, and things that until today I have kept to... such as my principles, naive, the child in me and how simple I can get in life though my life at times seems to be complicated.

this storybook that I would leave behind for my future family members and a storybook for me to look back at someone's life, I do not have any interest to others' life thus never got into reading biography. but hey this biography would definitely be a good read cos, it's writing no other person but myself.

think I would start to save up all my entries in text format and print it out for filing.

just a penny for thought entry here hehe.