Saturday, May 07, 2005

audrey's birthday yesterday went cb last night, the door bitch that usually work there wasn't there. didn't saw her around upstairs either, think she must got sack lolx. well basically there's this door bitch that hanz and me saw when we went black last friday.

she accused hanz of lending his id to someone and that if she sees his id with another person, she would put him in jail!? what does she think she is knn, police or watch dog? she thinks that we are some kids that started to club, hey siao eh wake up your idea lah, the "putting in jail" who you trying to kid?

just because the week before hanz dress slightly causual to enter and last week hanz actually had the mood to dress up to the nine.

fucking hate people who judge people by their dressing. do you have to dress good to say 'hey I am rich and have some status don't offend me" if we were to dress I think you. yes you door bitch would feel how ashamed thinking that your assets can pull that clothes that you are wearing off. so don't go judging people by their clothing when you cannot even dress properly.

anyway hanz made a call somewhere this week to complain to the management which I think many others did. seriously I am sick of the working personals especially the security at cb. fuck up, arrogant. come on lah I pay to enjoy, not come here to see you attitude pnnccb. in customer serivce, you earn your respect by the customer respecting you. and not here talking about you like this.

why do I know, cos I used to be in this line you idiots! don't fucking think that your organisation is damn big and famous, you can get all arrogant. but then again either people are not committed to their jobs or what kind of owner got what kind of dogs loh lolx.

zouk, devil's bar, rush, mos, sparks, no one I dare say no one dare to give me attitude. even some of the places that I go have got complicated or the ah beng crowd, less talk about white collar club. don't make me laugh.

anyway think I have enough of cb liao, if not for grass 4 or hanz I don't think I would want to go for anyone's sake. really really fuck up haha! can't help but have to complain abit lah.