Friday, April 15, 2005

"there's no eternal relationship."

how true can that be. I got disappointed with a buddy who just because of a new found interest, decided to turn against the brotherhood or maybe rather me "cos of some thing he say and I found out." when I did nothing or even know anything. well at least god is fair I finally found out that the buddy I call buddy is treating me this way and think of me in such a low way just because he is jealous!? over something that he himself presume ironic huh.

since when have we gone back to the delinquent years, where we think and act childishly? where's all the good old days when we enjoy our simple cup of drink and are truthful to one another, when everyone is poor but happy. now that some of us has got career, and there we are acting worse than how we first know each other.

you know, if we were seen by the 4-5 years ago of ourself. they will be so ashame of us, people who view things maturely have now turn this way. I just feel like asking him "are you being fair to me? am I justified? how long have you know me? what kind of a person do you think I am?"

I have seen this coming before and now to some people that actually have an impact in my life doing it to me. that the person at fault will have the whole table turn against me and I lost all my friends overnight.

"you always like to ask people to go think now you go think. you always call us brother, now everytime you call. touch your heart and think. are you treating us like one.?"