Tuesday, April 12, 2005

just came back from kh's grandma's wake, somehow everytime I attend a wake. the person involve seem to age abit or should I say looks more mature. not the usual physical tiredness, but the aura or charisma the person is giving me. I don't know could be me myself imaginging things lolx.

almost whole company chip in for the bai jin those who did not give oblivious have their "reason". anyway kh was ok, just look tired. by the way gx's grandpa pass away last friday and we also chip in for the bai jin

kh was commenting that since he and gx was sharing a double deck. maybe the fengshui is not good. which kw and me laugh it off. cos I believe it is purely concidental. jh came by and after awhile, we head off from the wake and I came home.