Monday, February 07, 2005

"happy birthday to me" haiz 23 years old liao this coming 9th february, lau liao how? anyway grass 4 celebrate early brithday for me as my birthday falls on the 1st day of chinese new year.

went to bugis to shop for new year clothes, manage to buy a retro long sleeve shirt. decide to go suntec k box for a karaoke session after dinner and was caught by surprize when grass 4 gave me my birthday present, a chronograph watch that I have been longing for a long time.

head down to mos for a techno night out, they really got me there. taking turn to dance with me... was totally shack out as I was dancing whole night non stop lolx.

mum celebrate my birthday with me today, went bugis again as I have to adjust the watch strap that grass 4 gave me. and also to finally get myself a new wallet, really can't bear to change my old wallet, as it sees me in love and out of it. my tough memorable days in army... bmt, sispec till I am here in 5 sir. but then it's time to go on and leave the gal in my heart behind.

"but little when she knows that when she left that day, along with her she took my heart."