Thursday, February 03, 2005

been busy catching up at work for the past 2 days, lots of admin work to settle as I was on leave for a week. finally able to take a breather to blog.

giving the company offensive exercise a miss as I have a major dental appointment tomorrow. the regular platoon sergeants are back from their thailand atec. heard from them that tony is good "bro up 5 dai, fierce!" hmm wonder what tony have got for us and my birthday lolx.

going to book out only on saturday afternoon, but have plan the whole day to spend with grass 4 as they are celebrating birthday early for me. this year my birthday falls on the 1st day of the chinese new year, so double angbao for me shiok!

decide to go to k box for a karaoke session, then go have a walk at chinatown. and at night maybe we would go for a midnight movie. thought that would be able to book out tomorrow to wash my bike, cut my hair. looks like would have to meet them first to go for haircut and wash my bike on the monday night. as I am having off in lieu again on the new year eve.

meeting mum this sunday, as she also wants to celebrate my birthday early for me too. "bless to have people who remember and celebrate my birthday for me."

and yes I am yearning to go mos to chiong, I miss techno!!! been almost a month since I last went to techno spot hehe.