Wednesday, February 09, 2005

first day of chinese new year and my birthday, I am pissed off already

knncb, just came back from parkway swensen wanting to buy a birthday cake. thanx to my father fickle minded nature and his fickle mood, I decided not to get a cake in the end.

rpl82: how long would the cake last in room temperature?

sales asst: around 45 minutes with dry ice.

dad: "see lah, one birthday cake so leh chey"

rpl82: (hey I never ask you for help to pillion me around to get it, you offer to help. if you are so unwilling then fuck it, why ask to help out.)

(and yah I shouldn't take your words thinking that swensen got the cake and I can get it off today, thinking that the cake would be fresher. as compare to the hassle and pissing off I am getting)

but what really gets on my nerve is the following;

dad: how? buy now loh if melt then just eat, not you buy another one if melt.

rpl82: (siao eh, this is ice cream cake leh. how are we gonna eat if it melts. and I am definitely not going to celebrate my birthday with a melt cake and all my relatives laughing in their heart.)

my final verdict, hiong kan lah fuck the cake ccb.

cousin wasn't of much help, as I tried to call them to get for me on the way to the tanah merah chalet.

why not cab? if this year chalet wasn't at some wu loo venue, and I mean fucking cb wu loo place. all this shit ain't gonna happen, even I take cab, there will be no cab. cos this place is at the back of a airport runway which no one usually will go.

the check in time is around 1.30pm, anyway even if I do buy the cake. all my relative as usual will fucking take their cb time to come down even you do tell them that you have something important that cannot wait... what's more for a ice cream cake lolx.