Sunday, January 30, 2005

been out since tuesday afternoon, because wednesday was an off in lieu, and I took leave to send hanz off on thursday and friday because his flight wasn't confirm.

yes my internet is still down... god damn it. now I am using my brother's pc, and I have change a blogskin as you all can see hee. yah the previous one do look girly I admit, but hey forgive me I am a html idiot.

now that the custom template has got more choice and there's one to my liking... I decide to use it.

now what have I done from tuesday till now hmm...

tuesday- went home and design the layout for my oc's club poster,and spend some time slacking at home shiok. went out in the evening with hanz and samuel to suntec area, to help samuel get chinese new year clothes. samuel was quite reclutant to change his current dressing style which is the ah beng culture lolx. decided to meet up again on friday with me to get his clothes in the end.

wednesday- hmm what did I do... really forget for the moment... oh yah haha went to zouk with hanz, as he wants to have a last memory of zouk, the place he enjoys clubbing the most before he goes back to indonesia. man long island sucks big time, it's like grind panadols mix with water. never ever going to touch it again sia.

no who says if you go zouk and not have long island tea, it's as good as not been there before. not true at all haha.

thursday- the day finally came to send hanz off, only eric and me manage to send him off as the others were busy with their work. finally got to see hanz's father, bubbly man even offer to buy me air ticket on the spot to fly with them lolx.

"hey bro you know if I am not tied down, I would love to go yea!"

spend the rest of the day being very moody, but who can blame me... a friend of 5 years just flew back man.

I am going to miss this great god brother who I spend some diffcult time of my life, teaches me some of the things I thought I would never master and enjoys life with me during this 5 years.

friday- went back to camp to show my oc the layout and got the information to type in for the poster. spend the whole day shopping with mei bin and samuel, samuel finally went for a makeover of clothes style by mei bin and me lolx. he bought a real nice shoes from converse recommanded by mei bin, which I also fell in love with hehe.

saturday (today)- finish up the last bit of the poster design and did some packing up of room before I head out to meet yanna with patrick, nothing much.

so here I am blogging with a changed blogskin, and a happy person knowing that people who complain about my blogskin is reading my blog happily again wahahahaha...