Monday, January 17, 2005

wasn't able to blog for the whole weekend because the internet on my pc was down, don't know what the fuck happen knn. so here I am after breakfast writing my blog in my camp office.

took half day off on last friday to fix up the steering cone of my bike, finally got them fixed after so long. went mos that night with hanz, kevin, han xiong, yi ting, guan yang and sharon. crowd was excetionally quiet that day, I wonder what happen cos even the most familiar songs saw no one shouting. which is sian sian and sian lolx, don't get me wrong. I am no ah beng, so my shouting are cheers not gang poems lolx.

oh yah something was wrong with the beer dispenser that night, and the beer sucks big time.

got to go now cos someone irritating is looking for me now, be back to blog later.

got back to blog again, just got inform that I am due for a briefing at 8am. great knn can't even let me blog in peace ccb.

anyway back to the activities over the weekend, saturday was seen slacking the whole day at hanz's house sleeping till 3 plus in the afternoon and playing conquer online. man I tell you this game roxs, even better then diablo 2 somehow, maybe the graphics wasn't that complicated. sometimes being too intricate might not be a good idea after all.

went home to work on hanz's photo book, and spend the early sunday morning rounding with jimmy, ah wee, and jayson around the whole singapore shiok. was corner by 8 policeman who don't know what they are doing lolx, trust me. which spot check doesn't require you to show your ic and needs 8 policeman to corner 4 bikers who is in drinking kopi attire!? and worse they are so blur that they just let us go with the "don't know what to do" face.

slumber till noon, and went on to complete hanz's photo book, it's finally ready for printing yea! think thursday after book out can go print liao. cos atp is gonna burn my weekend this week nnb, would try my best to get marksman and that $200 incentive to make it up hehe.

oh yah if nothing goes wrong, I would be extending my tattoo in a week or 2's time. went down to a few tattoo studios last week, but havent got time to visit my artist cos his new studio is just out of way. hopefully next week I would be able to go visit him.