Wednesday, December 29, 2004

writing this journal entry in my camp office as I am on duty today. been restless and tired these few days, wonder what's happening to me. maybe the holidays have taken a toll on me, as in sian until nothing to do you know lolx.

now update of what have I been doing from xmas eve till now;

241204: went out with grass 4 to marchie for dinner, went around like hungry locusts as the 3 of us were damn hungry. willy joined us for the midnight movie as he have to work till 10pm. in the end, the table ws filled and our stomach still empty hee. anyway enjoy the meal very much, it's been sometime since grass 4 had a heartily chat over dinner. the movie ocean 12 was ok though... not as good as the previous one. didn't know where to go after the movie, so grass 4 ended up wandering around cityhall area. time like this are those that I wish for someone to hug, cuddle... anyway decided to go home after wandering for almost 1 hour.

251204: didn't do anything much, stay at home for the whole day slacking. these days I hardly want to stay at home, but I feel I must spend more time at home. finish the first part of han's porfoilo to my satifaction.

261204: went out with mum to celebrate didi's birthday at suntec, the steamboat buffet was fantastic except that I find the variety abit too little.

went on a shopping spree, bought a long sleeve t-shirt from fox's men, and a ben sherman t-shirt at a steal of 70% off together with a pair of jean at uk topman. owning a piece of ben sherman stuff is great haha.

271204: defensive riding day finally came, wasn't as scary as I thought it was. the thought of doing racer's stuff to avoid danger lolx, but it's true that they teaches you to go fast and avoid danger hee. it was more of a theory lesson though, the type of cornering style, counter-steering the bike etc. the hands on part was the best. never have I hit corner so fast and furious, never thought I could go till that limit... or at least I used to thought so. maybe it's time to hit the track at pasir gudang hehe.

anyway shack out after the lesson which starts in the morning and ended around 1pm. head home straight away, and slumber after shower. wake up in the evening, got a sms from han to chill out at his place and spend a night there.

281204: shopping spree again... er not me of course, retail therapy really works I tell you ah. cos I have never been so happy for a very long time until sunday where I bought my chinese new year clothes. yes I know it's a bit early but I need the therapy badly hee.

this time is han and his older brother, ended up at suntec as it was raining heavily. g2000, topman, fila, royal sporting house, nike's bird, adidas, why pay more, fox's men, the exact same place I went for my spree lolx shiok. and seems just when people thinks that techno are dying out, almost all the shops we went to play techno lolx... techno fever yea?

291204: first time riding into camp, the feeling? shiok lah of course haha, finally no need to wait for bus, traffic jam, and the god damn 1.5 hour journey. but I must say this 2 months of bus trip have let me seen more of singapore, not to say more location for photo shoot. which I don't think I would take notice on a bike... too fast too furious liao lolx.

yah I would miss those chiobus and cute gals taking the sme bus as me. but well I hate waiting and I love 2 wheels what to do?

that sum up what have I been doing for the past feww days. think of going for the movie kungfu hustle by stephen chow and go orchard for more therapy hehe... tomorrow?