Wednesday, December 22, 2004

just got back from orchard to camp, went out today to get the christmas exchange present... went far east, borders then finally got a miniature vodka as the present at 7-11 lolx. sian sian don't why these few days no mood to do anything, looks like I can join the pms society as associate liao haha.

anyway block leave starts tomorrow... and I am broke, I mean utterly broke. really cannot understand why must I always be very very broke whenever it's near festive season. the strange part is I don't have the habit of buying presents, so I wonder where all my $$$ went to. ever since I started working it's been like that, this time I will save up so that I can truly enjoy myself when chinese new year comes.

tons of things to buy on my shopping list... nokia 6230, diesel watch, motorcycle glove, cd writer just to name a few cos there's really tons of ah bi ah bong things in my list. not to forget I seriously need a new wallet cos mine is now in a pathetic state, braun buffel would be nice. and I am dying of crave for a new tattoo.

just to add, went borders just now and read about my dream bike the suzuki srad 600 k4... perpeturely drooling over the magazine for that bike. it's a dream however to own it in 2 years time. unless suzuki decided to change that alienated exhaust pipe that they have put up for the 2005 series. I will just settle for the 2003 or 2004 2nd hand fuck it. I am totally in love with that bike so much so that no other bike is worthy of my eyes and no place in my heart. but than again nsr 250 would always be the bike in my heart lolx, damn it.

There's not to say tons of things to do at home, tony's and willy's birthday chalet photos, recent motorbike outing, and also hanz's porfolio book are still not where near completion... think this block leave will be a good time to stay home and finish them up. and finally start on my concept art.

yah hoon ki price going up again to $10.70 next week, and I am trying hard to quit now, with a bad cough to support me wahahahaha. yes I have not recover at all from the cough, maybe cos I am still smoking at times this week, been smoking less than 10 sticks hee. was told by mo that I got slight lung infection from the x-ray when I visit him last friday for my sickness as I complain of chest pain.

sorry guys that I forget to update here and not telling you all... don't want you all to worry. I am fine and will be alright. will take care of myself.

"in a capitalist society, the rich get richer while the poor gets poorer. is it always true?"