Sunday, January 02, 2005

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!! this new year eve is the best one that I ever celebrate, because I got so high that I just become an associate with the drunkard club lolx. but hey I am a safe drinker this is only the 2nd time that I ever got so drunk.

If I were to tell anyone that this is the first time that I ever club on a festive season, no one will ever believe me man. because I find it too expensive to club on festive season and I fucking hate to squeeze with people.

so all these years, new year eve were like kopi session around my neighbourhood with grass 4, rounding with my bikers' friend or spent some quiet moments at home.

but this year I learn something, clubbing on festive season can be fun... or so I think hehe. "nah too tiring and no cabs till the morning, no way I am going to club on a festive season again."

well went dbl o with grass 4, the entrance fee was a whopping $40 bucks without drinks hoo hoo... well once a year alrite lah. was suppose to meet up with han and friends to zouk, but because there was too many people liao. so in the end han went to cheeky, so meet up for a while... when I was damn high and was uttering rubbish to han lolx. grass 4 came out to find me after a while "sorry guys didn't mean to make you all worry."

shortly after supper grass 4 went home, han and I went for a walk to boat quay. heart felt talk session till morning, as this is the last year and 1 of the few clubbing session before he goes off to australia to study or back to his hometown. hopefully his student pass got approve than will he continue to be in singapore. went mc donald for a breakfast and slumber off till late afternoon.

knn sian today have to book in already, and its been raining all the while. hopefully the rain stop when I am riding back to camp.