Saturday, December 18, 2004

knnccb just lost the whole chunk of things I wrote, thanx to a new function button preview that were supposed to help in my blogging. yah I know I am a technology idiot haha.

anyway finally went to see doctor yesterday, nothing happen much till knock off at work. boss ask me not to got go for ippt today because he saw how sick I was.

went rush with hanz, zhengnan and kevin, saw joshua at the entrance of cheeky monkey's. both of us were shocked, cos he is supposed to be overseas. anyway we agree that we didn't see each other as I were suppose to be sick and him... overseas hee.

rush was surprizingly quiet, usually by 11pm the dance floor would be packed, leaving us dancing at the platform or the stairway. but thank god, 45 minutes into the music the crowd came pouring in.

and I finally master the dancing techniques hanz taught me haha. didn't spot any outstanding dancers or chiobus though. bump into kang ho again, what luck. saw him when I went chinablack, then yesterday saw him at rush.

read her blog moments ago, can't help but have some afterthoughts hah. girls like bad boys. no doubt about it, I am also a bad boy depending how you define bad, drink, smoke, club blah blah blah. but bad till don't even know how to take care of himself, stand up for himself!? I really cannot see the logic lolx anyway love is blind blah blah blah knn I know...

think nowadays girls are enjoying themselves to suffer other's wraith, caring for others, when ironically they are the one who used to be the one pampered. guess that's the "boomerang effect" people is talking about.

"one doesn't deserve any respect when he is born rich and yet not appreciating it, that's why if you start poor and end rich you not only enjoy the fruit of labour but also the wealth in peace of mind. you become a stronger person with every fall you face even when all things don't work your way, you will be able to face it and overcome."

anyway what can one achieve in life when he can't even stand up for himself, to me these people are nothing but wimps... but ironically again I lost to these people at this stage of life hah, why you all may ask... no $$$ loh wahahahahahaha.

hopefully if she is still reading my blog... please ask your guy to come read these and WAKE UP LAH. sorry ah just can't see someone that I used to care alot for suffering like that, fuck I am 1 hell of an emotional being... I hate it.

"he who works hard reaps the reward."