Thursday, December 16, 2004

been busy the whole day... well not exactly cos it's the type of "waiting busy" as I have to sent 1 of my man to detention barrack. I know this feeling is normal, sad and disappointment.

after oc reads out the charges, I was busy handcuffing my man... trust me it wasn't a good feeling. waited for almost the whole afternoon in the guardroom because support coy decided to charge 1 of their man too and hitch on my van to the dentention barrack. that explains the "busy waiting"

paperwork were ridiculous, there's so much papers to sign that I have to read through each of them in details to know what am I signing. terms in the papers were just too chim.

the handing over of my man was the hardest for me... as he was been question in a stern manner which I think those mps are a bunch of arrogant jerks. but who could blame these mps? to them people who comes to the detention barrack are condem.

sometimes I really feels tired and sad that why do my man have to suffer such a fate, is it because I can't lead well, or was it that I was not approachable... but sometimes you got to let it go. cos at the end of the day when you ask yourself without bluffing yourself, whether have you done your best for him throughout your course of duty. then I think the rest is up to him whether he wants to let you in on his matter and not your fault when he choose the hard way out.

enough about work, getting a wee bit better today but still not good. tried to do some exercise after dinner, and were shak out in minutes lolx "didn't know that I am so weak nowadays when I am sick." and oc wants all the commanders to stay back this sat to do ippt test... great at my weakest moments wtf, anyway do I care... er no I don't really.

yes I am heading to the doctor tomorrow seriously.

"fuck shitty feeling."