Wednesday, December 15, 2004

hah been doing nothing the whole day... bascially this week is slacking thru all the way. created a new account of fridae because 2 of my colleuges were into it. for the sake of oggling at beautiful and cute lesbians, and also to see what kind of guys are attracted by them lolx. used to have an account for such fun but deleted it because no one were using it then.

just finished editing a new photo for this blog "am i handsome or what lolx." and added in a new tagline that I have come out with out of a sudden... which happens during the pondering of the recent things that happen in my life. life suxs big time really, I don't know why."

agree to help haqeem a colleuge of mine to do his duty for a $100 bucks on this sunday. "yes I am in need of $$$, and lots of them haha." which means to says that I can't go chiong this saturday, so I decided to go chiong on friday with hanz at rush so that I can have a day to recuperate.

meeting g this saturday for movie, and some coffee. hmm... i wonder where to meet her cos she ask me to call her later to confirm.

and yes yes I am sick again, due to too much cigarettes... or at least I think so cos whenever I smoke. my lungs are in pain... and I have been coughing yellowish flam "did I spell it correctly?". having a bad sore throat all together. it's been 3 days already, if by tommorrow doesn't get any better, I am heading for the doctor.

going to tidy up my bunk area now sian, cos it's like a war zone now hehe.

my new tagline goes... "this world is of madness and chaos, hmm... I love this world of chaos. do I not?"