Saturday, November 20, 2004

what a day for me yesterday, first I took bus no. 961 the one that I did not usually take because it took longer route to reach only bugis instead of kallang mrt which is nearer to my place. in the end this bus knn change route... and I ended up in some ulu kallang industrial estate. tu lan liao because I am fucking hungry so decide to take a cab home.

cab driver was a idert...

cd: "where you wanna go har?"

rpl82: "kallang airport when I reach there I need a make a stop somewhere before going to the actual place I am going."

cd: "where you want to go... the hawker centre ah..."

rpl82: "no..."

cd: "dakota crescent ah..."

rpl82: "that would be later..."

cd: "the coffee shop there ah..."

rpl82: (god damn it I am fucking hungry would you shut up!) "look if the place is reached I would notify you ok."

reaching the area where I need to re-enter the cab cos I need to draw some $$$ to pass to dad.

cd: "stop here?"

rpl82: "yes stop here for a while"

cd: "hai ya you should have tell me earlier nearly stop the meter..."

rpl82: "look did I not say that I need to make a stop somewhere before I told you which part of kallang airport I am going, is there a problem?"

cd: "ah no no sorry."

well the rest of the journey was pretty self explantory... a angry pissed off customer and a sealed mouth cab driver lolx.

upon reaching home... I discover that my fav parking spot, the whole stretch of 18-20 bike lots have been converted to 3 car lots leaving only room for 2 bikes at that spot. ccb these people are mad, for 3 car lots they screw the lots of almost 20 bikes, why... just because we bikers are paying way lot lesser than cars. why do people fucking think that the priority of cars is always higher than bikes. what kind of fucking mentality is that? bike shall always be for the poorer people in the country, and cars for the rich and wealth. fucking show them when I make it big and rides a bike nnbccb eh...

"drive big car must squeeze bike..
"park now also used up bike lots...
"hiong kan lah!!!