Sunday, November 14, 2004

time flies when one is enjoying haha, tomorrow going to book in liao. these few days I have been busy taking photos of han to do a portfoilo book of him, don't think erotic, it's a full dress porfoilo lolx.

went with han and my colleuge to mos on friday, there wasn't much of a crowd. the last part of the night saw the dj going haywire suddenly from techno change to RnB hurhur. really nothing much to write for mos on that night.

yesterday was a happen night, patrick, willy, kelvin,hanz, sam,a new friend andrew and me went chinablack... yes I have sort of like RnB nowadays not that I have stop techno, it's always the first music genre in my heart. the crowd was fantastic, wild and happening with people doing full monty hah. dance floor was pack like sardines in can, got to dance with a hot gal, been some time since I last dance with someone who can let their hair down and dance freely. saw her outside mcdonald after clubbing and got her number through kelvin and andrew cos they happen to know her... wonder if I should give her an sms hee.

going out soon with mum to visit grandpa for hari raya... yes I got 1/4 blood of malay cos my grandfather is a peranakan strait chinese. maybe meeting han later to take photos again cos the memory card cock up and my "half naked" effects photos couldn't be upload = knn.