Saturday, October 09, 2004

went rush yesterday with han , one of the most happening night in which we chiong. the music yesterday was good and the crowd... wonderful. though the dancing space in rush wasn't even half as much as mos, the happening crowd there sure make up for it.

but the usual ms stuff happen just as I was about to go all out raving... fighting in the dance floor. reason why I just hate to go ms to chiong. the bouncer took quite a while to get in. my mood was spoil... just for the moment haha all credits goes to the music there. which I think is really better than mos.

was lucky to have a hot gal dancing beside me, but have to leave early because han's friend was going off early. went back home and head straight for irc to dl some nice techno. went in to rush and mos channel, ended up talking to 2 gals that also went to rush last night. and realize one of them actually was the one who got push to me during the fight. and they just so happen to know han and zhengnan, what a small world. ended up like a dead log on bed after dl all the techno.

came back from paying baby repsol's insurance, finally decide to buy the racing windscreen also to buy my spark plug. hee now baby repsol is looking fiercer, nxt aim is to get the rim paint black and the black paintwork of pramac honda up.

"let me dance and groove on forever in the paradise of techno, never to wake up or grow up."